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The SAP® Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) component provides open integration technologies that enable process-centric collaboration among SAP and non-SAP components, both within and beyond your enterprise. A component of the SAP NetWeaverT platform, SAP XI supports business processes that are spread across heterogeneous systems, providing seamless integration at sustainable - and reduced - costs. In so doing, SAP XI removes the barriers associated with true integration


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides a common framework for integrating incompatible and distributed systems - making it faster and easier to tie together applications and Web Services so you can integrate them into business processes that span your organization. EAI reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure and dramatically improves its reliability, flexibility and scalability - giving you the ability to focus on improving how your business runs instead of worrying about whether or not your infrastructure will be scalable or flexible enough to support new initiatives or capitalize on perpetual shifts in the market.

TIBCO's EAI solution lets your applications, databases and mainframes communicate and interact with each other by automatically routing and transforming information so it gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and in the proper format. TIBCO's EAI solution lets you integrate your business using the best available approach for your specific situation - whether that is an industry-standard technology such as Java, XML, or Web Services, or TIBCO's own messaging software.